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Our vision is a world in which people enjoy their rights to health, freedom, education, employment, and social support. A world where they can live meaningful and fulfilling lives and a world where they’re listened to, included, and valued. A world without restrictions where every child and adult has the opportunity to find purpose and thrive.
This is what unites us! No matter who we are or where we come from, we all deserve the chance to build our own future.


Our mission is to empower people to embrace the world of education as a boundless journey for a life of fulfilment, accomplishment, and exciting discovery. We aim to extend our expertise and offer our assistance to students, parents, teachers, and anyone involved in the education sector. We take pride in our ability to guide you on this journey as you set the building blocks of a strong, just, and generous society. DS Education Group is on a mission to inspire tomorrow’s leaders to pursue their dreams, live more freely, fully, and fearlessly than ever before.

Core Belief

Our core belief is to make a difference through the immeasurable power of education. We aim to build the foundation for today’s children to not only overcome tomorrow’s challenges but to create a better world, a harmonious global society where everyone is interconnected, unified, and moving forward in the same direction. Our focus is to provide educators and learners with the knowledge, skills, resources, and support they need to ensure continued learning and development.

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Amanda Da Silva
Founder & CEO

Amanda Da Silva is a natural born leader gifted with the aptitude to teach. As Founder and CEO of DS Education Group, she is on a passion-driven mission to create energy and excitement around lifelong learning. Amanda understands the diversity of educational needs and knows that passion and purpose are unveiled when our uniqueness is honoured. Journeying through life guided by her values of integrity, community, care and family, Amanda achieves balance as a “momprenuer” striving to inspire those around her to “take action” to reach their goals through the power of education and connection.

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Alison Boomer

Amanda's energy and positive attitude are infectious! Working with Amanda has helped me become better myself.
I’ve learned how to persevere in both good and tough times, do my personal best, and always take the high road in line with following my values.
Amanda and I have worked together for well over a decade in various educational and coaching roles to which I can say I’ve always known and felt how caring, passionate and positive she is with all!


Carola Schaub

By working with Amanda I have gained more confidence looking ahead to my professional future in education in a more positive way. You will notice Amanda’s ability to help encourage you to look at life as a journey finding your path through life as an adventure!
Amanda’s positivity and zest for life is invigorating and infectious.
She leads and speaks from experience and example. Amanda has the energy to inspire many people who are fortunate enough to work with her. Her encouragement and support has been invaluable to me.

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Avigail Viernes

She is very goal-oriented and she always manages to stay positive no matter how difficult (and unexpected!) her tasks/responsibilities become. Amanda has taught me so much.
I try to apply all of her wisdom, knowledge and advice she imparts to my own life which has made me better. Amanda is so very easy to get along and work with. I very much appreciate and enjoy her optimism and resilience to encourage me and anyone who comes along her path.

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