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Download The Free Checklist!

  • Are you ready to send applications to all of the leading universities on your “Dream” list?

  • Do you want to know which institutions would offer you the best learning opportunities based on your career and life goals?

  • Download this Free University Admission Checklist and discover if you are on the right track!


Hi, I am Amanda Da-Silva and I have been an educator and mentor consultant for the past 20+ years. The aim of this checklist is to help you plan effectively and make the smartest decision about the right university that’s the best fit for you to achieve your goals.

This checklist will let you evaluate if the university you are admitted to offers:

  • The quality of education and research options you want.

  • The mix of courses, and credits that match your career goals.

  • The extracurricular activities that would boost your individuality.

  • Financial independence and support so that you can focus on your education.

  • Opportunities to develop your professional capabilities.

Image by Anthony DELANOIX

Download Your Copy of the Checklist!

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