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Customized Life Coaching program for students in Grades 9-12, University & College

In addition to our university services, we also offer a customized life coaching program for high school and university students. We’re excited to help you explore your individual strengths so you can accomplish your academic goals.

Young Teacher

What we do

  • A one-on-one consultation where we examine your current situation and assess the main challenges to overcome.

  • A detailed proposal (with your involvement) that addresses the desirable outcomes for your customized coaching program.

  • A personal development plan tailored to your objectives and aspirations.

  • In-depth weekly or monthly sessions to support your skills development (based on the intricacy of your goals).

  • Additional resources and continuous support as needed.

What students focus on

  • Assignment planning

  • Communication skills

  • Goal setting

  • Grade improvement

  • Healthy habits

  • Motivation

  • Study techniques

  • Time & Project Prioritization

Teacher with Students
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