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Plan Your Education, Career, and Future Like an Expert Without Paying Expensive Consultant Fees or Platform Charges.

Keep Track of Your Learning Needs, Interests, Aspirations, Progress, Grades, Resume, and Portfolio by Using the Largest and Most Popular Education and Career Planning Platform.

Get Your 3-Year Access to the Platform for a One-time Fee of $99!!!

Specialized Personality Tests

Use built-in tests to evaluate your personality traits, personal likes, and dislikes and how they will impact your future choices, psychological inclinations, and the kind of careers that are best suited to YOU.

These tests are developed by career counselors, psychologists, and leading educational experts to give you a deep understanding of ‘who you are’. The clarity and information you glean from these evaluations will bolster your confidence in choosing a career path that is most fulfilling and rewarding. Get ready to reach YOUR highest potential.

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Career and Future Planning

This platform gives you access to several career planning and tracking tools to assist you in monitoring your performance. You can select career choices of interest to you, and the platform will intuitively provide you with additional information, such as: required pre-requisite courses, course selection planning tools, and copious resources to help you plan, track, and achieve your goals. You can add success milestones in your plan, compare your progress regularly, and take any required corrective measures. You’ve got this!

Educational program planning

You must be able to demonstrate excellent results in various pre-requisite subjects and extracurricular activities to gain admission to the university of your choice.

It isn’t easy to keep track of everything. From selecting the right subjects, to ensuring performance in sports and athletics, you will have access to multiple tools and resources that will not only keep you sane and organized but will keep you on track following your personalized roadmap to success.

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My Goal is to Help Empower Students to Make Smart Decisions About Their Future.

Get Your 3-Year Access to The Platform for a One-time Fee of $99

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Self directed education

You don’t need an expert opinion on anything. This platform is created for students and their parents to use together. You can set your goals and milestones and note periodic performance within your dashboard. You’ll also want to score your performance and get additional support from within the platform whenever you require assistance.

The platform is intended to be used without external guidance; therefore, you have a massive library of tools and resources you can reference to get the expert knowledge you may require. Having access to these educational resources will help set your mind at ease.

It will allow you to feel safe and comfortable with the informed and intelligent decisions you will now make with respect to future post-secondary endeavors.

individualized performance tracking

Customize your dashboard according to your educational goals and have everything right in front of you every time you log in. Create long-term goals, break them down into smaller milestones, and create your performance calendar.

With this platform, you are in complete control of your present circumstances and results, with your future aspirations in clear view. Various advanced tools and resources also become available as you progress, therefore keeping any confusion and overwhelm at a minimum.

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100% secure and Private

All your personal, educational, and planning information is strictly private to ONLY you - you are the only one with access. This platform uses a high-class data security system to encrypt all your data; therefore, you can record all your educational, career planning, and even financial planning data in your account, and it’s not going anywhere!

Do You Want to Pay $100-$200 Per Session for an Educational Consultant, OR Access the Same Tools and Resources They Use at a Lower Cost?

Get Your 3-Year Access to the Platform for a One-time Fee of $99

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