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Our extensive university services are aimed to seamlessly align with students’ needs. We’re fully dedicated and committed to helping them reach their academic goals all while supporting their personal growth and development. As of 2020, there are 103 universities in Canada and 4,298 in the USA. Because these institutions differ from another - whether it be education strategies, campus arrangements, residence provision, support services, etc. - admission requirements vary as well.

Our aim is to help students explore their goals and values to determine their most suitable university choices. Through our commendable academic advising, coaching and solutions, as well as thorough educational planning and consulting, we can help students create a most rewarding pathway to success, achievement, and fulfillment.

UniPrep Canada - University Pathway Program

This program is designed for students residing in British Columbia and seeking to enroll in a university in Canada. The program is for Grade 10 students (and above) and includes exclusive access to detailed presentations by admissions’ officers, guidance on interview skills development and practice, proficient insight on choosing the appropriate university as well as course selection, your personalized MyBlueprint account to assist in the creation of your resume, cover letter and online portfolio, and thorough guidance to improve diction.

UniPrep Global will be the next offering. All of the above with specific information geared to the U.S., U.K., Australia, and so on.

UniPrep is a comprehensive university program that extends beyond Canada to the U.S., U.K, Australia, and many other countries. This program is for Grade 9 students (and above) and focuses on guiding and assisting students in choosing the best university that fits their goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Students can benefit from full access to meticulous presentations detailing the different aspects of university choices, contact with graduates from their desired universities, assistance with application procedures and accountability deadlines, letter and essay composition, instruction on relevant interview skills, as well as role playing practice with an active interviewer.


UniBound is a program that focuses solely on Grade 12 students in need of guidance to complete application procedures.

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