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Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC) Guide for British Columbia Students

When do you start applying to Ontario Universities? It’s application season again…

Have you considered applying to Ontario universities?

Ontario is home to some of the most prestigious universities in Canada. Depending on the program you’re applying for, Ontario universities can have quite the competitive acceptance rates, namely the University of Toronto and Queen’s University with an acceptance rate of 43%, and the University of Waterloo with an acceptance rate of 53%. Most universities in Ontario require a minimum grade of 70%.

That being said, these universities offer world-class education with hundreds of different programs to cater to all student interests. The University of Toronto, for example, has over 700 undergraduate programs with rigorous curricula and often academically challenging courses. If you want to know how you can get into a university in Ontario, it’s a good idea to understand what your options are.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the eligibility factors, admission conditions, and how you can use the Ontario Universities Application Center.

What is OUAC?

The Ontario Universities Application Center, OUAC, is a centralized application service that processes applications for admission to undergraduate 101, undergraduate 105, law, medical, rehabilitation sciences, and teacher education programs at Ontario’s universities. This is a not-for-profit one-stop unified system that facilitates the application process for students seeking to pursue post-secondary education in Ontario.

How do you apply?

As a British Columbia resident, you’re applying according to the undergraduate 105 criteria. Before submitting your application through OUAC, check to ensure that you fit all the requirements here. Once you do, create your OUAC account and complete the 105 application.

You then fill out your personal and contact information in addition to supplying your high school transcripts, academic background, personal statement, supplemental essay, activities/employment section, program choices, and the necessary documents required for the chosen universities’ applications. The OUAC then organizes and submits your completed application to the institutions of your choice.

How many universities can you apply to?

You can submit one application per school year for a base fee of 150 CDN for any Ontario university program of your choice. This allows you to apply to up to three different universities (or 3 programs within one university).

With that said, you can apply to more universities for additional fees (50 CDN for any additional choice). It’s worth mentioning that on top of the OUAC base fee, some universities may charge separate application fees.

What universities are included in the OUAC?

You can choose from the following list of universities when submitting your application.

Université de Hearst (in French only)

Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University)

When do you start applying to Ontario Universities?

As an Undergrad 105 applicant, it’s best to give yourself a head start to work on your application. Although you will be filling out one application (instead of many), you must ensure the OUAC has enough time to process it before your selected universities’ deadline. This is mainly because deadlines vary at each university and program. You can visit the universities’ websites for more information on specific deadlines.

How can you improve your application to Ontario Universities?

Most Ontario universities can be found at the top of Canadian Universities’ ranking, which means they’re looking for the brightest and most committed candidates in the applicant pool. In order for you to impress these highly competitive and selective institutions, you will not only need excellent grades but an outstanding application that sets you apart from other candidates.

Therefore, you should investigate soliciting the help of professional university admissions services as they can be helpful to you in navigating the often lengthy and complex admissions process. Moreover, you will benefit from useful advice and pertinent feedback to guide you in improving your application. DS Education Group can give you a chance at being admitted to a highly competitive university or program because you’ll have expert help and support on your side.

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