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The Secret to a Wonderful Life!

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Abundance gives you the ability to see and appreciate what you have.

Having a mindset that keeps on the idea that there are plenty of resources. In fact, a lot of people argue that physical and mental poverty is mainly the lack of abundance.

It’s important that you reach the point where you cultivate and have an abundance mindset because it is when you stop being in despair and start flourishing. In fact, many have said that abundance is what led to their professional and personal success.

In this article, we are going to discuss how abundance leads to greater creativity, appreciation, and growth. In addition to that, we are also going to go through a blueprint to achieve an abundance mindset.

“Don’t concern yourself with the money. Be of service ... build ... work ... dream ... create! Do this and you’ll find there is no limit to the prosperity and abundance that will come to you.”

-Earl Nightingale

Why having an abundance mindset is crucial

One of the most important reasons why having an abundance mindset is crucial is so that you can be happier and more fulfilled in life.

What’s paradoxical about the abundance mindset is that it is not achieved by trying to hold on to everything and fearing the loss of what you have. It’s achieved by letting go of the possessive mindset and being open to the future.

Having an abundance mindset in your professional life, dating life, with friends, money, and everything else is also going to make you more appreciative of them. It’s by letting go of the fear that you might lose your job, your spouse, your friends, and your money that you develop the mindset of abundance.

Not to mention, it puts you in a place where you are open for growth.

Abundance mindset vs scarcity mindset

Although there is no debate that the scarcity mindset leads to despair and that the abundance mindset leads to happiness, there is a debate on how to get to the point where you have an abundance mindset.

Some people believe that the abundance mindset is merely a mental shift that you can make without doing anything.

Meaning you can go from scarcity mindset to abundance mindset in a second. However, that cannot be true abundance because the latter depends on some real tangible metrics.

While the abundance mindset is quite mental, it requires real-world success and resources.

Scarcity mindset

The scarcity mindset is characterized by fear. In fact, if you ever lived in scarcity, you’re probably very familiar with the fear of the unknown.

We all have no clue what is going to happen in the future, but some of us are hopeful about what is going to happen and how we are going to deal with it. However, a scarcity mindset causes you to feel desperate.

When you think with a scarcity mindset, you tend to believe that there is a depletion of resources, money, time, energy, and of life. It can make you feel guilty, anxious, regretful, and unwilling to look at what could happen in the future.In addition to that, this mindset causes a growth stunt in everything you do in life.

Someone who has a scarcity mindset cannot go wild and chase their dream, they cannot dare to talk to their boss about a pay raise, and they cannot do what they truly want to do because they think that they’re going to be rejected, fired, or an outcast.

Abundance mindset

An abundance mindset is characterized by confidence and appreciation.

There are many people who barely have enough money to live the next week, yet they chose to live a life where they are truly happy. There are also people who have a lot of money with nothing to worry about, but they’re paralyzed by the fear of scarcity. People with an abundance mindset know for a fact that there is an abundance of everything to go around. Don’t confuse this with recklessness, there is a fine line between having an abundance mindset and being reckless in life. Someone who has an abundance mindset will not turn down the opportunity of their dreams in fear of losing what they have.

5 actions to take towards abundance:

No.1: Become what you think

You must create a life where you do and become what you think. There is no going further in life if you do not do as you set out.

No.2: Reject fear

Something truly wonderful happens when you lose the fear that is associated with the abundance mindset. Your mind will be freed and creativity triples because you no longer think about how to keep things as they are now, in fear of losing; instead, you’re thinking about how to improve and evolve.

No.3: Focus on the positives

Bad outcomes are always going to be there no matter how well you do in life. Of course, we must seek excellence, but this does not mean we should focus on the negative aspects. While you should look at areas where you can get better and improve, you mustn’t lose sight of the positive.

No.4: Embody abundance

While abundance is indeed a mindset, it can certainly be physical. If you do not have enough money to pay for rent, food, your car, or to pay necessities, you will not even have the luxury to think freely. Being in the shackles of fear will always trample your attempts to be the best version of yourself. So, it’s best to always save at least 10% of every $1 you earn in addition to having an emergency fund that you can always fall back on in case something happens.

No.5: Be willing to do the work

Ideas are useless without actions. You must get out there and make your ideas a reality. It can be very comforting to talk about the ethereal and theoretical, but you must eventually translate your ideas into actions.

The Bottom Line

Having an abundance mindset is one of the most powerful weapons you can have in your arsenal.

Once you achieve this state of mind, you will truly be free in your mind. It’s all about destroying the scarcity mindset of fear that can blind you from the life you want to live. Once you let go of your fears and develop the abundance mindset, the world opens itself to you with its limitless opportunities.

Creating Abundance = The Secret to a Wonderful Life!

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