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Time Prioritization & Management Mini Course

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Time prioritization and management have always been a primary concern for university students.

Between classes, studying for exams, staying on top of assignments, writing papers, and attending office hours, there’s so much you must do as a student. Add extracurriculars and social activities to the mix and time management becomes even more challenging.

As a first-year student, these new opportunities and responsibilities, while exciting, can be difficult to handle. This can further heighten your stress levels as you feel a complete lack of control over your schedule. The thing is, when you feel overwhelmed, you begin cutting back on basic needs in order to remedy more ”urgent” tasks.

You try to double down on your studying sessions and to do that you feel compelled to sacrifice sleep, proper meals, and free time. Except, when you make these compromises, you wake up to even more dire consequences. You’re more irritable, you lose focus, and your productivity suffers. This is where proper time management can be really beneficial.

If you’re struggling with Time Prioritization, you’ll want this mini-course to help you structure your life. Download it for FREE now! You know, awareness and self-knowledge are important aspects you need to master if you are going to optimize your time, set goals, and focus on your studies and academic achievements, energy, health, career, personal finances, relationships and more.


  • Recognize the importance of time prioritization.

  • Understand how you spend your time.

  • Discover the key principles of time prioritization and planning.

  • Create effective time prioritization strategies for a healthier life-study balance.

  • Deal with distractions to overcome procrastination.

  • Practice effective time management skills.

Why Is Time Management Important?

No.1: When you have good time management skills, not only are you able to accomplish more in shorter periods of time, but this also allows you to take more advantage of the free time you have. You’re less stressed and as a result, you can fully invest yourself in the learning opportunities university provides you with.

No.2: Better prioritization also helps you make time for yourself and cultivate healthier habits that will serve you for life. In addition to that, catering to your needs and ensuring you get adequate food, sleep, and exercise will boost your focus, your productivity, and by extension your academic success.

No.3: Learning pertinent time management strategies is a vital part of university life. Your workload is bound to be demanding as a first-year student. Not only that but your days will often feel less structured compared to high school so it’s very tempting (and easy) to let time slip away.

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