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The mechanics of creating new schools can be daunting. We are here to help. We are keen to provide you with our knowledge and expertise and put our experience to work so you can establish the reputable school of your dreams.

At DS Education Group, we will go above and beyond to make your school vision a reality. With our standards of excellence your school will make a flying start and soar thereafter.

Market research, study, and business plan

Data collection and analysis, defined business and education model, recommendations on enrollment demand, project scope, and financial costs for start-up and operations.

School formation preplanning

Realistic plan development (budget, timeline, infrastructure, critical steps, cost, responsibilities).

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School formation implementation

Governance, curriculum, facilities, admissions, accreditation, resources, and policies.

Operation and management

Monitoring school operations, evaluating the quality of the educational program, professional development, staffing, policies, and budget.

Our expertise covers the whole range of necessities, including:

  • Facility design

  • Curriculum Design

  • Head of School/Principal Search

  • Teacher Selection

  • Financial Management

  • Ministry of Education Requirements

  • Inspection and Evaluation

  • Governance

  • Fund Raising

  • Marketing

  • Parent Relations

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