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I am Amanda Da Silva, Founder, and CEO of D.S. Education Group. I have been an educator and consultant for over 20 years. I am on a mission to create energy and excitement around lifelong learning. My passion is to guide young students like you to a bright future by teaching you how to create compelling admissions applications to gain admission to your chosen universities. I also help you determine excellent career choices that match with your passions and goals.

As your coach and consultant, it is my responsibility to inspire and hold you accountable to "take action" to reach your goals. If you're looking for someone who cares about you and your successes, is competent and knowledgeable, and will consistently work with you to reach the results you so seek, please do not hesitate to book a FREE Discovery Call with me TODAY.

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Satisfied Customers

Amanda's energy and positive attitude are infectious! Working with Amanda has helped me become better myself.
I’ve learned how to persevere in both good and tough times, do my personal best, and always take the high road in line with following my values.
Amanda and I have worked together for well over a decade in various educational and coaching roles to which I can say I’ve always known and felt how caring, passionate and positive she is with all!


By working with Amanda I have gained more confidence looking ahead to my professional future in education in a more positive way. You will notice Amanda’s ability to help encourage you to look at life as a journey finding your path through life as an adventure!
Amanda’s positivity and zest for life is invigorating and infectious.
She leads and speaks from experience and example. Amanda has the energy to inspire many people who are fortunate enough to work with her. Her encouragement and support has been invaluable to me.


She is very goal-oriented and she always manages to stay positive no matter how difficult (and unexpected!) her tasks/responsibilities become. Amanda has taught me so much.
I try to apply all of her wisdom, knowledge and advice she imparts to my own life which has made me better. Amanda is so very easy to get along and work with. I very much appreciate and enjoy her optimism and resilience to encourage me and anyone who comes along her path.


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