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Our University Consultancy Services help you make the right career choices, get you admitted to a leading university or Institute in the US, Canada, or Australia, and we act as the guide on the side to facilitate your entire admission process.

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Getting admitted to a leading university that is the best fit for you is your first step towards a thriving future. Where you graduate from at the completion of your degree significantly impacts the quality of education you’ve received, the network and contacts you’ve made and your character and competency traits you’ve acquired.

Our extensive university services are aimed to align seamlessly with your needs. We're fully dedicated and committed to helping you reach your academic goals while supporting your personal growth and development.

Educational and University Consultancy

Admission Preparation and Facilitation

Strategic Career Planning and Growth

Extensive Consultancy and Guidance

As of 2020, there are 103 universities in Canada and 4,298 in the USA. Do you know which university would offer you the best learning and growth opportunities?


Our university services have one goal, to enable and empower you for success in your education and career.


All institutions differ from one another, whether it be education strategies, campus arrangements, residence provision, support services, or by way of their admission requirements.


We aim to help students explore their goals and values to determine their most suitable university choices.


Through our proven academic advising, coaching, services and educational planning and consulting, we help students create the most rewarding pathway to success, achievement, and fulfillment.

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Hi, I am Amanda Da Silva, the CEO of D.S. Education Group.


I have been an educationist for over 20 years. I have a passion for guiding young students to a bright future by helping them make the right career choices and assisting them throughout their entire university application and admissions journey. I believe I am a natural-born leader gifted with the aptitude to teach. As the founder of D.S. Education Group, I feel I am on a mission to empower students to embrace the world of education as a boundless journey for a life of fulfillment, accomplishment and exciting discovery.

It is my responsibility to inspire you to "take action" to reach your goals, which is possible through the power of education and connection. May you pursue your dreams, live more freely, fully and fearlessly than ever before.


I look forward to the day I can provide you with the knowledge, skills, resources, and support you need to ensure your continued learning and development now and in the future!



This program is designed for students residing in British Columbia who seek to gain admission in a Canadian university. The program is for Grade 10 students (and above) and includes exclusive access to detailed presentations by admission officers.


Guidance on interview skills development and practice, proficient insight into choosing the appropriate university, and course selection is also a part of this service.

You will have a personalized “My Blueprint” account to assist in creating your resume, cover letter, and online portfolio, as well as thorough guidance to improve diction.

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Our Consultancy Services are globally aligned. We provide the highest quality of services, to be able to offer you desired results in universities across the U.S., U.K., and Australia.



UniPrep is a comprehensive university program that extends beyond Canada to the U.S., U.K, Australia, and many other countries. This program is for Grade 9 students and above and focuses on guiding and assisting students in choosing the best university that fits their goals, dreams, and aspirations.

As a student, you can benefit from full access to meticulous presentations detailing the different aspects of university choices, as well as contact with graduates from your most desirable university selections. We also offer complete A to Z assistance with application procedures and accountability deadlines, letters of reference, and essay composition.

Additionally, you will receive personalized interview skills practice through role-playing activities.

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Being one of the best summer programs in the world, UniBound is a 5-week program that empowers you to get a head start with university application requirements and submissions. This program focuses solely on Grade 12 students.

We provide you with complete guidance in this program and facilitate the step-by-step application procedures in simplistic terms. Our primary goal is to get you into your chosen program with a scholarship, however getting accepted on its own is a significant achievement. Are you ready for a top-quality university experience?

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We Guide You Towards Your Desired Career By Helping You Get Accepted In The University Of Your Dreams.

Your Future Awaits You!

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