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Future-Proof Your Career in Video Game Design and Animation with Vancouver's Top University Programs

During our Spring Break Immersion Program students were engaged in the process of designing their future post-secondary paths.

An area of excitement for one of our students, who wishes to remain in British Columbia for future study, worked with us to better understand various opportunities nearby. Our province is known for its vibrant tech scene and artistic communities, and offers some of the most prestigious programs in these fields. This blog also serves as a guide tailored for high-achieving high school students aiming for excellence in their academic pursuits and future careers; particularly those eyeing an opportunity with renowned companies like EA Sports.

Let's dive into some of the top-ranked university programs in the Vancouver area!

No.1: Vancouver Film School (VFS) - Game Design

Vancouver Film School (VFS) stands out not just in Canada but globally, for providing one of the most immersive and comprehensive game design programs available. The game design program is uniquely structured to mirror a real-world game development environment, making it intensely practical and highly industry-relevant. Students have the opportunity to learn from experienced industry professionals covering a wide range of subjects including coding, game art, level design, and more. The curriculum is designed to ensure graduates are not just proficient in theoretical knowledge but are also well-equipped with the necessary skills to excel in the gaming industry.

○      Program: Game Design

○      Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

○     Relevance: Vancouver Film School's Game Design program is renowned for its intensive, hands-on approach that covers every aspect of game design. This program is designed to simulate a real-world game development environment, offering students the opportunity to work directly on game projects under the guidance of industry professionals.

○      Admission Requirements: Game Design Program Admission Requirements

No.2: Simon Fraser University - School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT)

The innovative Interactive Arts & Technology program is designed to propel students into the future of digital media by exploring interactive systems, design processes, and the impact of technology on society. Students delve into a wide array of subjects including user experience design, interactive storytelling, and digital visual arts, equipping them with the versatility to thrive in various fields from game design to digital marketing. SFU’s SIAT program emphasizes experiential learning, with project-based courses and opportunities for industry engagement through Co-op placements. 

○     Program: Interactive Arts and Technology (BSc)

○     Location: British Columbia

○   Relevance: Offers a comprehensive blend of computer science, art, and design, making it ideal for students interested in video game design and digital media. The program also provides opportunities for Co-op placements, which could facilitate a connection with EA Sports.

○      Admission Requirements: SIAT Program Admission Requirements

No.3: Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Emily Carr University, located in the heart of Vancouver, stands out for its comprehensive 3D Computer Animation program. This program not only hones your artistic skills but also immerses you in the technical aspects of animation. A key requirement for admission is a portfolio that showcases your creativity and potential.

○      Program: 3D Computer Animation

○      Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

○     Relevance: This program focuses on 3D animation skills necessary for careers in animation studios, game development, and film. The portfolio requirement ensures students develop a strong body of work before graduation.

○      Admission Requirements: 3D Computer Animation Requirements

No.4: University of Victoria - Visual Arts & Computer Science (Optional Co-op)

UVic presents an unparalleled opportunity for students who wish to explore the intersection of visual arts and computer science. Located on Vancouver Island, this program combines artistic vision with technical prowess, ideal for those looking to venture into game design or digital arts. The optional co-op program provides practical experience with various companies..

○   Program: Visual Arts & Computer Science (Optional Co-op)

○   Location: Victoria, British Columbia

○   Relevance: This unique combination allows for exploration in both creative and technical domains, suitable for students who are also musicians and interested in a holistic educational experience. The optional Co-op can provide real-world experience and networking opportunities, potentially at companies like EA Sports.

No.5: Capilano University - Animation

Capilano University, nestled in the scenic surroundings of North Vancouver, offers a dynamic animation program that is both diverse and comprehensive. The program is designed to cater to the evolving needs of the animation industry, providing students with a solid foundation in traditional animation techniques as well as the latest digital technologies. The curriculum covers a broad spectrum of subjects including storyboarding, character design, 3D modeling, and visual effects, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to enter the professional world.

○      Program: Animation

○      Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia

○ Relevance: Capilano University's Animation program provides a comprehensive foundation in both traditional and digital animation techniques. With a focus on storytelling, character design, and technical skills, this program prepares students for a career in various sectors of the animation industry, including film, television, and gaming.

○      Admission Requirements: Animation Program Admission Requirements

No.6: LaSalle College Vancouver - Game Art & Design

Specializing in game art and design, LaSalle College Vancouver offers a diploma program that is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of the gaming industry. This program focuses on developing the artistic skills and technical expertise needed to create compelling game visuals. From conceptual art and character design to environmental modeling and animation, students are immersed in all aspects of game art production. The college's approach to education emphasizes practical experience, with a curriculum that encourages project-based learning and collaboration among students. This not only enhances technical skills but also fosters teamwork and communication abilities, which are essential in the professional world.

○      Program: Game Art & Design

○      Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

○     Relevance: LaSalle College Vancouver offers a specialized diploma program focusing on the artistic aspects of game development. This program equips students with the skills needed to create visually stunning game environments, characters, and animations. Emphasizing both technical proficiency and creative expression, graduates are prepared to enter the game industry as skilled game artists.

○      Admission Requirements: Game Art & Design Admission Requirements

No.7: University of British Columbia

The Computer Science program offers students a deep dive into algorithm design, software development, data analysis, and much more. What sets UBC’s program apart is its Optional Co-op, allowing students to integrate academic learning with practical work experience in leading tech companies locally and globally. This hands-on experience is invaluable, providing insights into the industry and enhancing employability upon graduation. Additionally, UBC encourages interdisciplinary learning, offering students the chance to explore courses in areas such as artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and computational media design. 

○      Program: Computer Science (Optional Co-op) - BSc

○      Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

○      Relevance: UBC's Computer Science program is highly respected and offers a solid foundation in computing principles, with the option for Co-op placements providing valuable industry experience.

○      Admission Requirements: UBC Computer Science Admission Requirements

Whether you dream of animating the next blockbuster, designing an iconic video game, or innovating in digital media, British Columbia offers a wealth of opportunities to turn your passion into a career. With dedication and the right academic foundation, the path to success is within your reach.

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