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The Ultimate Canadian Scholarship Blueprint

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

For this month, we want to help student’s unlock the secrets to funding their university education with ease.

To do this, we’ve designed a comprehensive step-by-step course to assist Canadian domestic high school student’s seeking scholarships to fund their undergraduate degrees at Canadian universities. Included in the downloadable guides, students will discover the best opportunities across provinces, learn how to craft compelling applications, and graduate debt-free from their dream university!

To provide our dear readers with a snapshot of the five modules, we’d like to share the course overview with you. If you are a current grade 12 student you should consider the following offerings designed to have you confidently applying for eligible scholarships:


Module 1: Discovering the World of Scholarships

  • Introduction to the vast landscape of Canadian scholarships for domestic students

  • Province-by-province breakdown of scholarship opportunities

  • Tips on navigating scholarship websites and resources like a pro

  • Activity: Begin your personalized scholarship treasure hunt

Module 2: Becoming a Scholarship Detective

● Decoding eligibility requirements and matching them to your unique profile.

● Strategies for organizing and prioritizing scholarship opportunities

● Tips on staying motivated and focused during your search.

● Activity: Compile a list of scholarships tailored to you

Module 3: Crafting Your Masterpiece – The Ultimate Scholarship Application

● Unveiling the essential elements of a successful scholarship application

● Tips for writing compelling essays that showcase your strengths and achievements.

● Strategies for obtaining stellar reference letters.

● Activity: Draft a captivating scholarship essay

Module 4: Exploring the World of External Scholarships

● Introduction to external scholarships available for Canadian students

● Tips on finding and applying for external scholarships that align with your goals.

● Strategies for managing multiple scholarship applications with ease.

● Activity: Submit an application for at least one external scholarship

Module 5: Staying on Track – Organization and Motivation

● Tips for maintaining momentum and organization throughout the scholarship application process.

● Strategies for juggling deadlines and submitting applications on time.

● Celebrating your progress and preparing for the next steps

● Activity: Create a personalized scholarship application timeline and checklist

Throughout this course, students will receive guidance, resources, and support to help them navigate the Canadian scholarship landscape. With a focus on motivation and reflection, this

course will empower students to take charge of their educational future and achieve their dreams.

If you are a student who is overwhelmed by the scholarship application process or you simply just have no idea where to begin, register with your email by clicking on the link below, and we will send you an email with all the details when the online course launches January 8th.

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