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How to Motivate Different Personality Types in Your Team

Creating a productive and highly efficient work environment is vital for any company to succeed. So there’s really no room for hostility or conflict. Moreover, there’s no way a business will achieve its target goals if the team members are not motivated. The first step in ensuring the company culture you’ve created is an environment that inspires hard work is to learn about the different personality types in your team.

The Myers-Briggs type indicator, also known as MBTI, is one of the most popular and largely used personality inventory in the world. The results will give you valuable insight into how each member of your team likes to work, what motivates them, and what environment they thrive in. So here’s how to effectively motivate the 6 different personality types in your team.

No.1 The Healer - INFP

Healers are known for their imagination and idealism. They’re usually confident in their core values and rarely go against them. In addition to that, they’re very driven by the possibility of personal growth and development, not only for themselves but those around them as well.

How to motivate a healer

● Stimulate their creative mind and ask them to complete a task using a unique or unconventional approach.

● Encourage them to solve a problem or identify an alternative solution by thinking outside the box.

No.2 The Visionary - ENTP

Visionaries are intellectual by nature. They love a good challenge and they enjoy exploring new exciting ideas. They take immense satisfaction in analyzing, understanding, and influencing the people around them.

How to motivate a visionary

● Tell them something cannot be done or is impossible to pursue. Their love for solving problems and overcoming challenges will incite them to persevere and prove you wrong.

● Put very few limitations on how they can achieve company goals. This frees them from the typically structured approach to solve problems and unleash their ingenuity.

No.3 The Provider - ESFJ

Providers thrive in collaborative and conflict-free environments. Moreover, they’re very sensitive to the needs of the people around them. They’re also constantly striving to make everyone’s lives easier, which makes them very eager to please and assist others in whatever way they can.

How to motivate a provider

● Demonstrate how completing a certain task or solving a particular issue will help improve someone’s circumstances.

● Offer them structure, organization, and harmony. Providers respond best to instructions that give them the opportunity to follow through and see results.

No.4 The Supervisor - ESTJ

Supervisors are hardworking and excited to be in charge. They thrive in systematic and orderly environments where rules are respected. They have a great sense of morality as well as responsibility.

How to motivate a supervisor

● When assigning them a project, also make sure to give them a comprehensive list of clear and tangible outcomes they can expect.

● Offer them the occasional reminder that they’re capable of growth and development. You should also encourage them to pursue managerial roles as those will provide them with the most fulfilling work environment.

No.5 The Inspector - ISTJ

While inspectors have a penchant towards introversion, they don’t entirely isolate themselves from others, nor live in their own bubble. Moreover, they tend to be very eager to understand how they can contribute and always strive to oversee that every single standard is met.

How to motivate an inspector

● Tell them the success of a project or completion of a task depends entirely on them.

● Collaborate with them to craft thorough action plans they’re meant to follow with minimal deviation.

No.6 The Performer - ESFP

Performers tend to enjoy being the center of attention. They’re very warm, spontaneous, talkative, and energetic. They love getting praise for their work and impressing others with their skills.

How to motivate a performer

● Let them know how impressive it will be for them to complete a certain task.

● Give them room to be spontaneous in the workplace and address issues as they see fit.

Tapping into what motivates each person in your team is essential. This is the best way to ensure your work environment is the most productive it can possibly be. Use the personality types discussed above to learn how to encourage each member to do their part and maintain a harmonious and inspiring professional space.

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